Why Bifocal Sunglasses Are Right For You


Eyewear in the modern era have since become a fashion item after their functional purposes have been achieved. It means that you would go into the opticians to get prescribed lenses, but the glasses frame has to be something fashionable and trendy accepted in modern society, especially for the younger audience.

There are different kinds of glasses ranging from reading glasses, sunglasses, polarized glasses, safety glasses, digital protection glasses (blue light blockers), bifocals, trifocals and progressive lenses.

The different varieties are meant to serve different purposes. For instance, sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes from the glaring sun when outdoors, while reading glasses are meant to help you read when you have blurred vision when reading up close.

However, the focus today is bifocal sunglasses, their uses, benefits and drawbacks help decide whether they are a great choice for you.

What are Bifocal Reading Sunglasses?

Bifocal sunglasses are glasses with two distinct vision focuses or lenses with two distinct viewing areas and sun protection capabilities. These are segmented as top and bottom, the top part is often a UV protection sunglasses lens meant to focus on far or normal distances while the bottom segment is meant for magnifying reading distances.

Sometimes your vision may fail in two or even three distinct distances, especially when you begin to age. Therefore, reading sunglasses becomes a formidable choice when reading outdoors.

The mechanism behind using the bifocal sunglasses is that after you wear them you use the upper segment when you look up or straight ahead into the distance and look down through the bifocal while reading.

Benefits of Using Bifocal Sunglasses

If your outdoor distance vision is good although your up close reading vision is not; typically you would require 2 pairs of glasses (sunglasses and reading glasses). Having to constantly interchange between the two can be a cumbersome task. Therefore, rather than switching between the two pairs, it is beneficial, money saving and convenient to have one pair with two functions. As you sit by the seashore reading your favorite author, you can still glimpse the summer horizon at the beach.

The cost of having 3 pairs of prescription glasses is high, but having 3 functional uses in one pair is an affordable choice. If you were to consider single use glasses, you would have to have a pair for short sightedness, another for reading and the third for protecting against the sun. However, with polarized bifocal sunglasses, all these problems are solved wearing one pair of sunglasses.

In your pursuit for the ultimate reading sunglasses, consider bifocal sunglasses. With so many styles, colors and reading lens strengths available finding the most comfortable and trendy pair will be a breeze.

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