Types Of Glasses You Can Wear With Casual Dresses

Thinking about which glasses to wear with your casual dress is a difficult task. The first thing that comes to mind are eyeglasses – those round frames with thin lenses and no visible bridge that are so popular among celebrities. However, such glasses don’t really suit casual occasions and even if they do, you don’t want to look as if you’re trying too hard.

What else can we say about glasses? Well, how about sunglasses? Maybe not the best idea when it comes to dressing casually but they will be useful given the weather conditions. Keeping this in mind, here are some types of glasses that go well with casual dresses:

The retro-inspired cat-eye glasses are one of the most useful types of glasses for everyday use because they instantly make any outfit appear to be more of a formal dress. They also have a slimming effect so they’re perfect for individuals who have a wide face or feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Not only do these frames slim your face but also give you an Audrey Hepburn-esque vibe which is sure to impress anyone you meet during your day out.

Retro Inspired Round Frames

Let’s start with the round frames. Being one of the most popular types of glasses, these frames are universally flattering and can be styled in any way you want. They will fit any casual attire, from a t-shirt and jeans combination to a casual dress.

The best thing about them is that they make your face appear more slender which is why many petite women prefer them over other types of glasses. These frames are also suitable for both men and women of all ages. You can pair them with any type of casual outfit, from a business casual look to a casual dress.


We all know how important it is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and pollution. It’s also essential to use sunglasses when you’re outside in the sun. Even though you’re wearing casual clothing, it’s best to protect your eyes from the sunlight. You can wear any type of sunglasses with a casual outfit.

Some people prefer to wear classic aviators while others go for retro-inspired ones. There are many different styles and colors available, so you won’t have any problem finding a pair that suits your needs.

You can wear sunglasses indoors as well since they have a protective coating that filters UV rays. However, make sure not to wear them in places where there’s lots of dust or sand because they won’t protect your eyes against these elements.

Tapered Oval Frames

The tapered oval frames also known as the retro glasses are a good choice for individuals who have a round face and want to appear slimmer. These glasses give your face a longer shape, making you appear more elegant and sophisticated.

They’re great for casual occasions but can also be worn to work. These frames work best with casual outfits. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and t-shirts. They’re also a good choice for individuals who are into fitness and like to wear athletic gear.

Cat-Eye Glasses with a Thin Frame

The cat-eye glasses with a thin frame are a good choice if you want to look playful and youthful. They’re great for casual occasions and can be worn with a variety of outfits, from t-shirts to casual dresses or print wear. They’re best suited for individuals who have a round face.

They’ll make your face appear more slender and elongated. They’re also a good choice for individuals who have a wide forehead. Cat-eye glasses with a thin frame suit pretty much everyone, regardless of their age or gender. They’re perfect for individuals who want to look playful and fun without trying too hard.


While choosing the perfect pair of glasses for your casual dress, keep in mind that they should suit your face shape, body type, and age. You don’t want to wear a pair of glasses that doesn’t go well with your casual outfit because doing so will make you look unkempt and disorganized.

Make sure to choose a pair of glasses that suits your facial features and style. And always remember that you don’t have to wear eyeglasses just because you have a medical condition that requires them. There are many types of glasses that can be worn on a daily basis. It all depends on your personal preference and style.

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