The Benefits Of Spring Hinges In Your Reading Sunglasses


When you are shopping for eyewear, we bet you are either excited about getting yourself new frames that may change your look, or just revising all the research you have done about the kinds of lenses available determining which one fits both – your needs and budget. You are obviously not considering different hinges that go into your glasses. But they are an integral part of your eyewear and you need to know more about them.

But if you simply cannot get yourself to learn about hinges, let us tell you in brief what they are. Hinges are the tiny little simple machines that sit between the temples and rims making it possible for you to fold your glasses and keep them from falling off your face. If you are someone who needs to wear glasses all the time, we strongly recommend that you get one with spring hinges. Here’s why:

What are Spring Hinges?

Also known as flex hinges, these are hinges built for glasses that need to weather rough use. They are the second most popular kind of hinges found in eyewear across the world, after standard ones.

They are constructed with three barrels and a small spring that allows the arms of your eyewear to move more than the traditional 90-degree angle. Not only are they flexible, but also provide greater comfort to the wearer.

Why Should I be Using Spring Hinges?

While there are plenty of reasons you should be going for frames equipped with spring hinges, here are a few to name:

Require Lesser Adjustments

The chances of your frames with spring hinges needing to be fixed right out of the package are very low. Given their construction, they are made to fit your face perfectly. Unless they are literally falling off your face, you only need to give it a day or two to get adjusted to the fit.

They are known to give your face a slight squeeze, but that means that they are fitting you well.

They are Tough

Glasses with standard hinges usually fall off people’s faces as the wearer performs physical activities. Given the snug fit that spring hinges give to the person, you will not have to worry about that anymore.

No more taking off your glasses and placing them carefully before randomly breaking into your favorite dance move. They’ll stay put until you finish it.

They Look Great

While you may have started to wear glasses to enhance your vision, there is no denying that they change your entire look. The right frame can change your entire personality for the better. With the frame comes the fit as well. The spring hinges sure give you that little squeeze, but it also sits perfectly on your face making the frame look tailor-made for you.

You definitely do not want something that is falling off your face. It takes away from the sharpness of your entire look.

Understanding the technology and terminology around eyewear is not everyone’s cup of tea, and it can be rather confusing. Just know that it is the hinges that are keeping your glasses together, and you need to make a wise decision about them when you are looking to buy glasses.

During the design and manufacturing process all of our reading sunglasses go through various testing to ensure maximum durability, UV filtering and flexibility.  In this video the arms of the sunglasses are being stretched an extra 45 degrees 10,000 times. This extreme usage is testing the quality of the spring hinges as well as the durability of the acetate frames.

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