Police and Sheriff Sunglasses – For Those Who Protect and Serve

If you’re a law enforcement officer with a penchant for the outdoors, Mass Vision’s Police or Sheriff sunglasses are a great way to enhance your vision, proudly project your association with law enforcement authorities, and stand in solidarity with your blue-blooded sisters and brothers.

Unmatched Quality

Being on duty requires focus, commitment, and absolute readiness – all of which are complemented by Mass Vision’s Police/Sheriff TAC Polarized Sport Wrap Thin Blue Line Sunglasses.

With great sport styling, this pair of law enforcement sunglasses come with hi-tech TR90 anti slip soft rubber coating frames that offer superior flexibility and strength – the perfect solution for an officer on the move.

Advanced Protective Lens Technology

As a police officer, it’s important to keep your vision unimpeded and well-protected to best serve your community and nation.

That’s why Mass Vision’s law enforcement sunglasses come with a multilayered, advanced set of lenses, designed to safeguard against several potential hazards.

These lenses are made of triacetate cellulose, or TAC for short – and feature seven intense layers of protection.

The first layer provides 100% polarization against glare. The second and third layers offer added durability and tensile strength, to ensure that your shades don’t snap under pressure.

The fourth and fifth layers offer UVB and UVA protection – canceling out 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. The final two layers add in impact resistance, scratch resistance, as well as shatter proofing.

There’s no better shield for your eyesight – you can trust us on that.

Brave The Elements

Whether you’re on duty and on patrol, or off-duty and looking to share in some outdoor fun with your friends and family – we’ve got you covered.

Our sunglasses are absolutely action-ready and complement themselves very well to the physical demands of outdoor sports. Proudly wear these during fishing trips, hikes, sunny drives, beach visits, and everything in between – your eyes will thank you.

In Solidarity With Law Enforcement


Above all, these sunglasses are a way to honor those who protect and serve the United States of America.

The design features the subtle inclusion of the thin blue line – a decades-old concept that pays respect to the work of law enforcement officers. It shows solidarity with the thankless efforts of many police forces and is also used to salute those who have been martyred in the line of duty.

It’s a simple yet powerful concept. On either side of the thin blue line lie two black fields – one representing the forces of community, order, and peace, while the other refers to chaos, anarchy, and the corrupting influence of crime.

The line itself is a quiet, powerful metaphor that represents the police forces that protect us – separating society’s harmful elements from the peaceful ones.

Customizable Metal Logo

While this excellent pair of shades offers great performance to anyone, regardless of their involvement in the police force, you can take it a step further. We offer high-quality, metal-fashioned, permanently attached metal logos on the sides of our frames – available in two variations. If you want to be noticed as a police officer or as a sheriff – here’s a great way to show some pride in your department.

Universally Designed

All our products come well-proportioned and offer a comfortable fit for all sizes of men and women. Here’s the basic specifications on Mass Vision’s law enforcement sunglasses:

  • Lens Width: 64 mm
  • Lens Height: 37 mm
  • Bridge: 22 mm
  • Arm: 126 mm
  • Weight: Less than 1 oz

Perfect for all-weather outdoor usage – Mass Vision’s sunglasses are a superb option for durable, high-quality, and long-lasting eyewear, with a lawman’s edge.

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