Motorcycle Bifocal Sunglasses For A Smooth Ride


Studded with soft EVA padding and a sturdy wraparound frame, Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Reading Sunglasses make for the classiest looks and the smoothest motorcycle rides.

A Superior Choice

A pair of Mass Vision’s bifocal safety sunglasses are the perfect accessory to have handy when you’re outdoors. Ride freely with these bifocal sunglasses protecting your eyes against dust and gravel when you’re on the open road.

Its lenses are shatter-resistant and are tinted with polycarbonate UV lenses. In addition, Mass Vision’s bifocal sunglasses are packed with magnifier bifocal portions that are not only suitable for reading but can also withstand impact from debris, dust, air pollutants, strong winds, and heavy storms.

While the frame looks broad and solid, it’s also lightweight, allowing you to wear them every day and for unlimited periods.

The Great Outdoors

These Motorcycle sunglasses aren’t just for reading or riding. Its bifocal lens allows you to carry out several outdoor activities with ease and without any interference. Wear them to your golf game, go cycling and running with them, or wear them while you go fishing or boating. Some rock-climbers cling to these Bifocal Sunglasses for their perfect fit and comfort.

Perfect for those who work at construction sites, Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Sunglasses lend a great sense of accuracy to your vision and sightedness. The glasses also offer protection to your eyes from wood shavings and other minute dust particles if you’re working in the wilderness trying to gather some logs.

Upgrade Your Game

Durable and light, Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Sunglasses are easy to maintain, effortless to clean, unbreakable, and designed to last.

With its anti-fog feature, Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Sunglasses can be worn in various scenarios to keep your vision safe and protected while boosting your confidence.

Apart from being fog-proof, these sunglasses are powered by UV400 lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to preserve eye health and reduce eye fatigue.

Handy and Cost-Effective

Worth every cent, Mass Vision’s Bifocal Sunglasses come with a compact case to store your glasses when you’re not using them. Perfect for travel, this soft case is made of microfiber that keeps your sunglasses clean and scratch-free. Easy to pack and carry, these glasses with the case is just what you need on your holidays and adventure trips.

Pick up a pair for just $17 and travel light with these Bifocal Reading glasses. You won’t need to buy and carry multiple pairs of eye gear. Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Reading Glasses are a budget-friendly asset, allowing you to flaunt an “all-in-one” style to fit every occasion.

The Size That Matters

These sunglasses are designed to impress. They look great on both men and women, providing a comfortable fit. Here’s how they are sized:

  • Lens Width: 65 mm
  • Lens Height: 34 mm
  • Bridge: 19 mm
  • Arm: 120 mm
  • Weight: Less than 1 oz

Sunglasses for All

Perfect for reading, outdoor adventures, riding, and more, Mass Vision’s Motorcycle Bifocal Sunglasses are a great buy for long-term use.


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