Let us help you stay in style while reading outdoors as well as improving your personal records during your outdoor sports and activities by offering the latest trends and most comfortable new arrivals of reading sunglasses.  many reading lens strengths to choose from + always FAST and FREE shipping!

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“The Allstars” 3 Pair of Our Most Popular Bifocal Sport Wrap Unisex Sunglasses


“The Athlete” Polarized Lightweight Sport Wrap Bifocal Sunglasses


“The Athlete” Precision Sport Wrap Bifocal Reading Sunglasses


“The Brilliance” Polarized Round Frame Bifocal Sunglasses


“The Contender” Polarized Full Frame Sport Wrap Bifocal Sunglasses


“The Driver” Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses Featuring High Definition Gradient Amber Lenses


“The Executive” Classic Semi-Rimless Bifocal Reading Sunglasses


“The Influencer” Polarized Bifocal Reading Sunglasses


“The Skillful” Semi Rimless Sport Wrap Bifocal Sunglasses


“The Skillful” Lightweight Sport Wrap Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses


Black Hard Case with Included Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Black Microfiber Soft Pouch with Plastic Draw String Stoppers (3 Pack)


Extra Large Cover Ups – Fit Over Sunglasses For People Who Wear Prescription Glasses in the Sun


Extra Large Sunglasses that Fit Over Prescription Glasses Featuring (HD) Blue Blocker Lenses for Men and Women


Ladies Polarized Sunglasses that Fit Over Prescription Glasses Featuring Rhinestones


Women’s Designer Bifocal Reading Sunglasses with Rhinestones