4 Sunglasses Ideas You Can Wear to Summer Beach Parties


A sun-soaked beach party invite cannot be forgone. Hence, a good pair of reading sunglasses will help you get through the blistering heat, from a volleyball game to the pati0 cocktail party. There are only a handful of stores that would go about carrying your look with such a ubiquitous accessory. Mass vision offers an excellent fashion statement known for its vintage aesthetics with a contemporary touch in sunglasses designs.

Sunglasses are a favorite affection for all kinds if they come with style and practicality. For a beach party that requires you to look up-to-the-minute, classy, and fabulous, this essential accessory would be necessary to be there for you. With various variations and styles, sunglasses will be able to carry your look, give you an assertive attitude and get you through the day comfortably.

In the earliest times, sunglasses were to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Later, Hollywood celebrities used Foster Grants and other circular frames, demonstrating how fashionable this type of eyewear could be. The rest eventually recognized sunglasses’ sartorial appeal, and they became a mass-produced fashion statement. Sunglasses are built with both style and pragmatism. Therefore, various types of sunglasses come into use for a beach party look, and Mass Vision has a wide range of styles to make you stand out at these parties.

Classic Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses


Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses for Men and Women are just the right choices, not too big nor too small to carry. It will give you a refreshing appeal and improve your game, as it is available in an array of colors. A bifocal reading sunglass incorporates split lenses with multiple functionalities of distance vision, reading vision, and protection from UV rays outdoor. This is made so that the user can have a joyful addition to their attire. With this, you can hit the beach in your comfort and space. Your beach day and scorching heat from the sun would no longer be a barrier for you to stay at ease and enjoy any outdoor activity. These pair of sunglasses would go flawless, with the perfect coating that blocks out the sun glare, providing 100% UV protection. In addition, it would allow you to read contentedly outdoors at the beach.

Wrap-Around Polarized Sport Sunglasses


Now not everyone reads at the beach, and for that, Mass Vision provides modish sunglasses that come with TR90 frames, which are so light in weight. They are not just durable but also provide maximum UVA and UVB protection. These are style essentials that may bring you out trendy at the party. A sports wrap sunglass would allow you to endure a comfortable fit during sports activities at the beach. It is a practical and stylish pairing to enhance your attitude throughout the day. Aviators’ sunglasses that come with teardrop shapes and several variations are used for both genders. They are the most rigid styles of sunglasses. These are built with a full lens, which would provide optical clarity with class. This design is suitable for those who want to spice up their beach outfits and those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Round Cat Eye Sunglasses


As power dressing and maximalism ruled the decade’s fashion, sunglasses followed with darker lenses, and sharper shapes also came into trend. A cat-eye shape frame offered by Mass Vision does not at all give a timid look. It is, rather, offering a bold, slightly feminine, and chic look. It’s a subtle yet purposefully designed appearance that makes you appear wealthy and sophisticated. High-quality polycarbonate gradient lenses help sharpen your vision.

Classic Semi-Rimless Bifocal Sunglasses

Semi-rimless sunglasses feature the ideal sense of debonair class, with an emphasized brow line and a clean-cut attitude. On the other hand, Mass Vision’s angular designs propose a more macho look and, horn-rimmed lines give a feminine touch in these frames. It’s a smart look that is intriguing due to its simplicity and delicate frame design. These are a perfect pair of sunglasses for any volleyball match. There will be no slippage or jostling, only continuous clean view throughout the game.

A reliable yet stylish pair of sunglasses is an absolute requirement for a day spent basking at the beach. At Mass Vision, we have got you covered with our best high-quality sunglasses that come in various frames. So pull out a strong statement with us.

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